Bodyguard Services

In spite of the fact that Cuba is now days a very safe place to travel to,  Havana V.I.P  also offers a specialist security service dedicated to mitigating potential threats, regardless of type, at the earliest moment and lowest denominator possible.

We have achieved our world-class reputation by our proactive methodology, our operational staff are extremely astute, well educated, and trained to achieve the highest standards possible in multiple platforms. 

“Friendly but never familiar”, “effective communicators”, and “highly skilled logisticians” are other phrases clients use to describe our team. Well versed in positive interaction with other sub elements such as local police, family office, etc, our staff employ sophisticated counter measures while conducting discrete intelligence gathering to ensure that the application of controlled violence is always an in extremist occurrence of last possible choice. In short, the best security system is the one that never gets you into trouble in the first place.

Additionally, because we are in fact a service, clients can expect the degree of personal attention which they are due when our soft spoken (but hard edged) men and women arrive on station.