Fear not, best men and grooms to be.

Ask us anything, and your expert  Havana V.I.P  bachelor weekend coordinator will have an answer for you. We’ve got destination ideas, if you don’t know where you want to go. Give us a budget and an idea of the kind of thing you’re looking for, and we’ll suggest some belting packages to keep all the boys happy.


Want something unusual to do? Your  Havana V.I.P   party coordinator can show you the maddest activities, and the best places to do them in. Looking for places to party, boobs to bounce and activities to get your teeth into? No worries. Our Havana V.I.P party coordinators are here to cut through the confusion and get you booked on the weekend of a lifetime. Or if you just want to find something that’ll keep a massive bunch of half-cut boys happy for an afternoon, we’ll point you in the direction of crowd-pleasers that’ll make the most of your destination without dividing the troops.

Concerned about getting the lads’ money to us? No worries. We’ll set up an easy online payment system, which you can pay into bit by bit. 

You get the idea, gents. There’s nothing too tiny or too epic for us to arrange. You’ll look like a proper hero when the  Havana V.I.P   weekend arrives, and we’ll have done all the hard stuff for you. Result.